ProL2TP 2.0
December 17, 2019

Leading Linux L2TP software targets the cloud

Read the full ProL2TP 2.0 Press Release here.

ProL2TP 1.8
January 6, 2016

Linux L2TP software now includes a scalable PPP server for larger PPP deployments

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ProL2TP 1.7
December 13, 2013

Linux L2TP software adds L2TPv3 VLAN pseudowires and improves APIs for integrators

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ProL2TP 1.6
May 31, 2012

Linux L2TP software improves Cisco L2TPv3 interoperabilty

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ProL2TP 1.5
December 13, 2012

Katalix L2TPv3 software improves speed, reliability and flexibility for Linux Layer 2 tunnelling

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