ProL2TP is developed by Katalix Systems

We are a small UK company and have been working with Linux since 2004. Initially founded to offer services assisting companies wanting to build Linux-based networking products, we now also develop and sell our own Linux software products.

Our Published Work

We wrote the L2TP code for the Linux L2TP kernel which was merged into the mainline kernel in 2.6.23 (2007). Since then, we have added L2TPv3 and IPv6 support (2010) and are the maintainers of the L2TP code in the Linux kernel. We maintain a set of Open Source L2TP resources in our GitHub repository.

Our History

The first ProL2TP version was released in 2008 and was the first L2TPv3 protocol implementation for Linux. Our ProL2TP product draws on our vast experience developing Linux-based products in the networking and digital TV/media industries.

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