Our Licensing Plans

Host License

  • License copies of ProL2TP on a host-by-host basis.
  • Each license is locked to the deployment hardware.
  • This license is best suited to traditional hardware servers which are expected to remain in service for a period of time.

Cloud License

  • License ProL2TP for cloud deployment.
  • License one or more VM instances at a time. Automated tooling makes provisioning a new VM instance quick and easy.
  • This license allows for the greatest flexibility for deploying services in the cloud.

OEM License

  • Freely deploy ProL2TP on a product range.
  • This license is typically used for OEM platforms which include ProL2TP as part of their software stack.
  • By using an unlimited license the OEM customer does not need to worry about individually licensing ProL2TP for each unit they ship.

Source Code License

  • Full access to the ProL2TP source.
  • Modify, build, and deploy ProL2TP as you require with no limitations.
  • This license is used by customers who wish to make custom modifications to ProL2TP.

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