LNS and LAC in one package

ProL2TP can be used as an LNS (L2TP server), or as a LAC (L2TP client) — or both!

Different components within the ProL2TP can be combined to support different use-cases. L2TPv2 LNS with PPP termination, L2TPv3 Ethernet pseudowires, or PPPoE server, ProL2TP has you covered.

From embedded devices to ISP networks

ProL2TP has been designed to scale from small embedded platforms up to big-iron servers. We have deployed on anything from small home network devices (or even a Raspberry Pi!) up to large multi-core Xeon systems.

Some of our biggest deployments have been on tightly integrated embedded platforms. We can support these sorts of projects easily with our flexible licensing and custom build service. Or if you need to take full control, you can license the ProL2TP source code.

Integration points to connect ProL2TP with the rest of your system

ProL2TP can be easily integrated with your existing accounting and management systems using hook scripts and tunnel/session events.

We fully support RADIUS PPP authentication (PAP and CHAP), RADIUS accounting, and RADIUS disconnect.

Learn more about ProL2TP's full feature set.